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  • Dane Bundy

This Trojan Horse: First Reformed (2017)

On the newest episode of the Stage & Story podcast, Pastor Brandon McCulloch and I look at a deeply dark and religious film about a priest's loss of faith. First Reformed was ranked as one of the Top 10 films of 2018 by a well-known Christian movie reviewer. So . . .

1. Is this a great film for the thinking Christian?

2. Is the filmmaker upholding or subverting the Christian faith?

Pastor Brandon and I dive into these questions and more. Two warnings:

1. We do offer spoilers of this film in this episode.

2. This is not a film for young people. It contents mature content (language, violence, and some sexuality).

Listen to the episode now on Apple Podcasts or in your browser. If you like the episode, would you pass it onto a friend or subscribe to the show?


Dane Bundy is President of Stage & Story and Director of Fine Arts at Regents School of Austin, a classical Christian school in Austin, TX.


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