Recommended works on Christianity and the arts
Foundations: Christianity & Creativity

The Mind of the Maker by Dorothy Sayers

In this important and accessible work, Sayers explores the nature of creativity by focusing on the relationship between the Triune Maker and his image-bearers. Highly recommended for those interested in deepening their understanding of the Christian faith and acquiring tools to assess and better understand art. 

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The Christian Imagination edited by Leland Ryken

This collection of essays on faith, imagination, creativity, and literature is an engaging resource sure to inspire and provoke hours of God-centered contemplation. Highly recommended for those interested in developing a thoughtful and Christian approach to reading and writing.

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Culture in Christian Perspective edited by Leland Ryken

In this basic, concise, and insightful work, Ryken explores how the biblically-minded Christian should approach and enjoy the arts. Ryken's chapter on "What is Christian Art?" alone justifies the purchase of the work. Highly recommended for those interested in knowing how to dialogue, assess, and enjoy the arts as a Christian.

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