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There are a number of ways to join the Stage & Story community. . .whether it's joining a Story Group, visiting an event, or subscribing to our mailing list.

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What is a Story Group?

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A Story Group is a community group, and it's a new way Stage & Story is gathering. Right now, we're meeting virtually over Zoom in groups of 8-12 people.


Our goals are simple:

  • connect with like-minded people;

  • grow in a biblical and Christ-centered understanding of the arts and imagination; 

  • encourage others in their creative journey as well as be encouraged.

We meet once a month, and the format of the meetings generally following this pattern:

  • introduction of visitors;

  • devotional for Christ-centered focus;

  • lecture, talk, or discussion for growth;

  • time for sharing to connect.

How Do I Join a Group?

Joining a Story Group is a great way for you to get to know Stage & Story and for us to get to know you.

Please complete this digital form and someone will reach out to you shortly.

Stay Connected

Subscribe to our mailing list and we'll send you updates through our newsletter. This is a great way to hear about new events, ways to connect, blog articles, and access to resources.

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