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We are storytellers, artists, educators, theologians, scholars, and professionals called to cultivate the Christian Imagination in artists of all ages. We believe story evokes, persuades and moves like no other medium, and that stage and film only enhance its power.


We see our generation gravitating toward story as their choice of entertainment and communication. We seek to equip and mentor artists to think and create as imitators and image-bearers of the Original Dramatist-Director.

We exist to train Christians involved in the Narrative Arts (eg. actors, filmmakers, novelists, theatre) how to cultivate the Christian imagination by integrating a Christian worldview with their art.

In recent times, the Church’s response to the Arts has been twofold:


1) retreat from the arts, and/or 2) create a subgenre of “Christian media.”  We believe these responses to be insufficient due to its self-imposed dichotomous approach.  Since the greatest Artist and Storyteller is our Lord, we believe Christians, as inheritors of God’s creative blessing, can and should produce art that exceeds the aesthetic level of any rival worldview.


To that end, we will provide a theological and aesthetic basis from which we will grow our movement to reclaim the Arts for the glory of God.


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We offer summer programs for undergraduates, graduate students, and young adults who are aspiring to be leaders in the narrative arts. Whether it be as actors/actresses, filmmakers, writers, directors, producers, or novelists. Our programs will deepen your faith in Christ as you learn how to faithfully integrate a thoroughly Christian Worldview--theology, philosophy, apologetics--with your craft as artists.


Film Camp 2018: A Huge Success!

Thank You to All Campers and Organizers

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Get Involved

We are seeking ministry partners in the form of Christian artists, theologians, scholars, donors and prayer warriors.  We prayerfully invite you to join us!

A Place to Flourish

Recovering a theology of aesthetics without compromising Christ nor craft


We train Christians to integrate the Christian Worldview with storytelling through the

artistic expressions of film, theater and the written word.

Our four-fold approach encourages Christian artists to



Consider the intersection of Christianity and the arts

Stage & Story provides a place to consider the intersection of Christ and the arts. We believe the beauty of image must be informed by careful thought that is captive to the truth of Christ and His worldview.


Develop your craft and reflect on your faith

Our training programs, performance camps, workshops, and conferences provide you with the tools you need to tell a visually compelling story that moves the heart, informs the mind and shapes the soul.


Connect with Christ-minded artists

Partner with like-minded followers of Christ and belong to a group of narrative artists who seek to be faithful to Christ's story and not corruptors of it. Connect with us and collaborate on projects, share ideas, and recruit for your next film.


Perform in your local context

Use our resources for investing in theatre and film. Use your skills, show off your talents, build your body of work.



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We'd love to hear from you. And we'd love to keep you up to date with all that's going on, such as upcoming conferences and workshops, as well as new resources. If you're interested in joining us,

we have a place for you!

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