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Recommended websites, videos, and audio recordings on faith and the arts
Organizations & Online Communities

"The Rabbit Room," as described on their site, "fosters Christ-centered community and spiritual formation through music, story, and art." This online gathering place is a unique gathering spot for those interested in cultivating their imaginations. They draw much of their inspiration from The Inklings, Christian thinkers such as C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Charles Williams, and their contemporary Dorothy Sayers. I highly recommend their blog, resources, and especially their conference, The Hutchmoot!

The Circe Institute is an educational ministry dedicated to cultivating wisdom and virtue in people of all ages. Committed to classical education, The Circe Institute focuses on providing resources and training for Christians that challenges them to teach, think, and live as a follower of Christ. Though there is little, if any, emphasis on the performing arts, they are bent on fostering the Christian Imagination. We also highly recommend their blog, especially when it discusses literature, art, and the imagination.

Biola Center for Christianity, Culture, and Arts 

In connection with Biola University, this Center is dedicated to the interrelationship of artmaking, theology, and religious tradition. Though aimed with more of a scholarly mindset, their resource page is full of videos, articles, and interviews designed for Christians eager to understand how faith relates to art. 

Videos on Creativity and Imagination

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