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The Kindling: I Know Him, Because I've Heard His Story

My great-grandfather was the only cowboy I ever knew. He was an actual cowboy, a real pagan one, too, until God rustled him. The cowboy chose the rest of his life to make Christ known in South America. Even in his retirement home he was looking for a friend to discuss theology with. He is the undisputed spiritual patriarch of the Bundy family.

He passed when I was a child, so one may say I barely knew him. But my family still tells his stories at barbecues and graduations and holidays, so I prefer to say that I know him.

What stories preserve your family so others can know them for decades to come?

"Our essential orientation to life is a consequence of the stories that form us. Our values and convictions are expressed best in stories because stories preserve the memory of characters making choices."

Taylor, Daniel. Tell Me a Story: The Life-Shaping Power of our Stories (St. Paul, MN, Bog Walk Press, 2001), 88.

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