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Hamlet and the Echoes of God

The Stage & Story podcast is a show about story culture and the Christian imagination.

In this episode, I dive into my favorite play of all time, Hamlet, to find the ways that God and his Story echo throughout the work. For my analysis, I rely heavily upon Leland Ryken's excellent literary guide in the Christian Guides to the Classics series.

Section 1

What are the echoes of God? (see Echoes of Eden by Jerram Barrs)

Section 2

Hamlet's plot and story type

Section 3

What defines each act of the play?

Section 4

Following the echoes of God in Hamlet

Where can I listen?

Listen on the website or on Apple podcasts.


Dane Bundy is President of Stage & Story and Director of Fine Arts at Regents School of Austin, a classical Christian school in Austin, TX.


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