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The Stage & Story Conference is Coming! | Sept 7 | @ LifeHouse Theater

September 7 | 2019

9 AM – 4 PM

LifeHouse Theater

(909) 335-3037

Students – $49 / General – $59

The Stage & Story Conference is designed to help you think biblically about creativity and storytelling. Whether you’re a writer, pastor, actor, or educator, you’ll benefit from joining like-minded Christians who want to tell Kingdom Stories.

Ship Your Trojan Horse

A story is a powerful and sneaky thing: very much like a Trojan Horse, for within its belly crouches a perspective on the world. Some are true and beneficial while others are false and toxic. And on a daily basis, friends, family, televisions, and theaters ship thousands of these Horses to land on our shores shaping how we think and how we act.

But you are made after the likeness of the Creator, fashioned to create and tell stories of your own. And like Jesus, who sent out Trojan Horses about the Kingdom of God, so can you. Whether you’re looking to craft a screenplay, novel, sermon, or testimony, the Stage & Story Conference will help you launch your own Trojan Horses full of Kingdom Stories.

(909) 335-3037

Students – $49 / General – $59

IMPORTANT: Conference registration is NON-REFUNDABLE. If you register but are unable to attend the event for any reason, we cannot refund your tickets.


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