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Learning in Wartime: A New Podcast Inspired by C.S. Lewis

In 1938, C.S. Lewis addressed Oxford University and argued that though a world war loomed ahead, we must still pursue learning. War only aggravates the human predicament.

I (Dane Bundy) host the Learning in Wartime show and collaborate alongside the fine faculty at Providence Academy, where I serve as principal of the secondary school.

This morning I checked the news and saw that Covid-19 has taken 20,000 lives in the US alone. It's safe to say that we're in a war with an invisible enemy. From a Christian perspective, we can add to this and say that we're in a cosmic spiritual war as well.

As most of us are stuck inside our homes, we're now facing the old challenges but in fresh ways. The temptations are more fiery than ever to amuse ourselves to oblivion, grow discouraged, or languish in boredom with the mundane.

The goal of this podcast is to continue discussions on theology, literature, and culture for people inhabiting a truly unprecedented time. Alright, so we're in a war. Does that change our need for the true, good, and beautiful? Lewis argues, and I agree: no.

If you have the time, let's continue eternal discussions on ideas and issues that matter, for we are a people on the frontline.


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