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Live Seminar: "Engaging the Trojan Horse: Watching Movies with a Christian Perspective"

This Friday, December 14th, at 12 PM PST (3 PM EST) I'll be giving an online presentation on how to watch movies with a Christian perspective.

One of our partner ministries, Anchored North, is hosting this live webinar event: Engaging the Trojan Horse--Watching Movies with a Christian Perspective.

At the end of the seminar, I'll be giving away a gift: my new booklet. My prayer is that it'll be a great resource and encouragement for you.

You can sign up for this free event and find out more details here:

If you can't make it, keep us in your prayers. Hope to see you there!



Dane is the president of Stage & Story and cast chaplain at LifeHouse Theater in Redlands, CA.

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