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6 Great Movies or Shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime -- Right Now

Netflix and Amazon Prime...you have paralyzed us! Who hasn't wasted an entire evening looking for something good to watch? And ask my wife, I don't like wasting time...and neither should you.

Well, I'm trying to do something about it.

But, I'll be honest with you, it has become more difficult to recommend things to watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime, especially if you're looking for something family friendly.

There are lots of "best of" lists out there, but I don't see a regular one that meets my criteria.


We need a curated list of films and shows in which the stories ask important questions, highlight universal themes, or delight in a manner good for the heart and soul.

I want the individual or organization doing the selecting to come from an informed Christian worldview, able to tell us (if we ask) when God's grace shines through a secular work or when a religious work fails to tell the truth.

I'd like this list to be up-to-date, because the streaming platforms add and remove films each month.

I'd like it posted on a website that doesn't overwhelm you with video and banner ads.

Keeping a list like this up-to-date is difficult and time-consuming, so I'd love your help. If you can recommend a movie or TV show, email me or post a comment where you found this article.

Until then, Stage & Story would like to work toward meeting this need. So, here are six stories (movies and shows) that are worth your time and available on Netflix or Amazon Prime as I write.



1. Being Elmo (2011)

Streaming on: Netflix

Rated: TV-PG

Genre: Documentary

Family Friendly: Some mild language

IMDB Summary: "The Muppet Elmo is one of the most beloved characters among children across the globe. Meet the unlikely man behind the puppet - the heart and soul of Elmo - Kevin Clash."

Why it stands out: This well-made documentary is a heart-warming adventure that inspires creativity and a smile.


2. The Pixar Story (2007)

Streaming on: Netflix

Rated: G

Genre: Documentary

Family Friendly: Yes

IMDB Summary: "A look at the first years of Pixar Animation Studios - from the success of 'Toy Story' and Pixar's promotion of talented people, to the building of its East Bay campus, the company's relationship with Disney, and its remarkable initial string of eight hits. The contributions of John Lasseter, Ed Catmull and Steve Jobs are profiled. The decline of two-dimensional animation is chronicled as three-dimensional animation rises. Hard work and creativity seem to share the screen in equal proportions."

Why it stands out: When it comes to quality of artistry, just about everything Pixar does stands out. This documentary is a fascinating look into the ups and downs of this studio.


3. North and South (2004)