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  • Wayne Scott

A Change of Course

Editor's note: This poem was written by Wayne R. Scott and sent out for the beginning of the new year. I (Dane) was so moved by it that I wanted to share it with you all. Wayne provided permission for Stage & Story to reprint it.


As I look at the calendar, glance at the clock,

I ponder the season, reflect, and take stock;

And at this, the ending of the year,

Why do I harbor some traces of fear?

I am but a weak and floundering vessel,

Prone to worry and known to wrestle

With doubts that render me often perplexed:

What on earth may be coming next?

I wonder what is around the bend,

And do my best to comprehend

So many things beyond control--

But wait! Who's the Captain of my soul?

If I'm at the helm, I am surely lost--

No wonder why my ship is tossed!

The Lord is Master over all--

Must this I struggle to recall?

The God of What's Next and What's 'Round the Bend

Has promised to save, to protect and defend;

"Lord, I am Yours in this year that is new--

Will You find me worthy, committed, and true?"

Seeking to change course in the coming year,

I petition the Lord: "Father, keep me near."

As we dwell upon Jesus' loving care,

Say, will you join me in praying this prayer?


Wayne R. Scott is the president and founder of LifeHouse Theater in Redlands, CA. He is a writer, composer, producer and director who has authored 30 original musicals. He also serves on the board of Stage & Story.


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