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  • Dane Bundy

Introducing Stage & Story TV

One of my favorite movie reviewers is an Anglican Pastor named Thomas McKenzie. He called his videos the One-Minute Review, and his reviews were brief, no frills, and with little-to-no spoilers. He was key in helping me think about movies from a Christian perspective.

In 2021, Pastor McKenzie and his daughter died in a car crash. He was 50 years old. And I miss him.

But today I get to dedicate something to him: the first installment of Stage & Story TV.

In the video, I review The Batman (2022) in 2-mins and have a blast doing it. Moving forward, I plan to review more films in a brief and light-hearted fashion, always keeping the Christian imagination in mind.

Would you do me a favor and watch the first episode? If you like it, click the like button, subscribe, and don't forget to also click the bell! Better yet . . . pass it on to a friend.


Dane Bundy is President of Stage & Story and Director of Fine Arts at Regents School of Austin, a classical Christian school in Austin, TX.


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